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RCC has always been a visionary organization. The high potential for the construction industry in the Maldives is the reason why the management decided to diversify the business from carpentry to construction.

Ever since RCC moved into the construction industry, we have always had our fair share of projects to keep constantly engaged in construction ventures, which has led to where we are today. From residential to industrial construction, we have it all.

Our prime focus is to deliver quality on time. This is the foundation that our business has always been building upon and through our continued success in the industry.


With the increase in number of buildings in Male’, the capital of Maldives, there has been a significant increase in demand for aluminum doors and fabrication. The increase in number of businesses trying to cater to this segment justifies the need in the market for this service.

With this need in mind, RCC, stepped-up to cater to this need for their own projects. One of the main focuses was to maintain a consistent quality for all projects in terms of the aluminum fabrication that would be used.


With the start of construction business, RCC has been importing a variety of materials from abroad for all its projects in order to benefit from the lower costs. Whilst doing so, the management decided to provide this benefit to the community as well, by opening up a buildware outlet and providing buildware materials at lower prices to the public.

With the start of the outlet, the increase in demand for the materials led the business to concentrate on the outlet as a separate strategic business unit and to allocate resources to the outlet as well. Over the years, RCC buildware has been growing steadily and has been creating a positive image in the industry.

The outlet offers a wide product range and each product provides significant value to customers. Our focus on buildware products is to provide products added benefits for customers, such as quality, warranty, durability etc.


Real estate has always been one of the strengths of the business since it moved into the construction industry. Over the years, RCC has committed to and completed a number of key projects in the Maldives.

RCC has taken on a number of residential plots in Male’ on a long-term basis, and constructed residential apartments on these plots. RCC currently has over 10 buildings in Male’ with rental apartments. Most of the buildings have 1-3 room apartments.

One of the key concepts of RCC is maintaining quality. We have always ensured that the best quality is achieved in all projects. In order to ensure durability of all finished projects, we also ensure regular maintenance of all buildings.

All rental apartments are currently located in Male’. The most recent apartment building, M. Zarf, which was finished in January 2022 is already occupied.


Our rental department is here to help with all of your home improvement needs. Our well-stocked inventory has everything necessary to get the job done right no matter what size project you decide to take on. We offer tools, equipment and Heavy vehicle rentals, such as Crane, Forklift, Excavator, Transit Mixer, from our wide selection of trusted professional-quality top brands.


As an experienced carpentry contractor, we have provided a wide variety of carpentry services from cabinet making and finish carpentry to trim carpentry. We know that our clients have a choice when selecting a carpentry company, and we go the extra mile in order to prove our value.

Our custom carpentry work speaks for itself. Our carpenters are selected from the best in the industry, and constantly work to improve the woodwork art form. They are experts in the field of custom carpentry, and work diligently in order to improve upon the results of our multi-service business.

RCC Supermix

Our ready-mix concrete plant seeks to eliminate the many problems associated with construction projects in the heavily populated Male’ City. RCC Supermix provides high-quality ready-mix concrete to building sites in the Male’ region. We seek to bring an end to road blockages, noise and air pollution, and environmental damage, associated with the conventional method of mixing concrete on site. Our team is committed to providing a reliable service at a timely manner, allowing for smooth operation of construction works in the Male’ region.

RCC Elevators

RCC is the official partner in Maldives for Kleemann, one of the most reputable lift companies in the European and global market, producing all types of residential or commercial passenger and freight lifts. With and excellent team of experienced engineers who engages in installation and maintenance of elevators, we are dedicated to providing superior customer service with an emphasis on personal customer relationships. Our strength is our employees’ dedication to teamwork, commitment to excellence, and focus on continuous improvement.

RCC Maintenance Services

RCC Maintenance and Home Cleaning Services provides top of quality services in making sure that your property maintains its value over the years and is free from depreciation caused by usage and ageing. Our services range from such scheduled property cleaning and maintenance and surveying to emergency management service. Our highly trained staff are ready to be dispatched whenever you require our service.

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